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Michael Maas 
Director and Faculty Advisor - Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilization
Professor, Department of History and
Department of Classical Studies

Interest: Greek and Roman history; late antiquity; classical ethnography

mail icon maas@rice.edu
306 Humanities Building

Watt J. and Lilly G. Jackson Assistant Professor of Religion 

Interests: History of Catholic thought and practice, Christianity in late antiquity, asceticism and mysticism, religious ethics, philosophy of religion, theories and methods in the study of religion, religion and science

232 Humanities Building


David Cook, Associate Professor
Department of Religious Studies 

Interest: Early Islamic history; apocolyptic literature and movements; historical astronomy

mail icon dbcook@rice.edu>
213 Humanities

April DeConick  
April DeConick 
, Professor
Department of Religious Studies 

Interest: New Testament; Christian Origins; Early Christianities;
Apocryphal Literature; History of Christian Thought; Sexuality and
Christianity; Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism; Nag Hammadi Literature;
Classic Gnostic Studies; Coptic Language.

219 Humanities Building


James_FaubionJames D. Faubion
Professor, Department of Anthropology  

Interest: Ancient and modern Greece; social and cultural theory; the anthropology of history and religion

mail icon jdf@rice.edu
213 Humanities


Jeffrey B. Fleisher
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology 

Interest: Old World archaeology; African archaeology and ethnography; political economy;
landscape and regional archaeology; household studies; ceramics; urban space;
materiality of ritual; social memory. 

Sewall Hall 582

Matthias_HenzeMatthias Henze
WJ & LG Jackson Professor,
Department of Religious Studies  

Interest: Hebrew Bible and its reception history in early Judaism and Christianty

mail icon  mhenze@rice.edu
205 Humanities Building

Maya Irish  Maya Irish
Assistant Professor of History 

Areas of Interest: 
  • Medieval Europe
  • Medieval Iberia
  • Kingdom of Castile in the High to Late Middle Ages
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
311 Humanities Building

    hopkins_profJohn Hopkins
    Assistant Professor of Art History and Classical Studies 

    Interest: Roman art and architecture; Ancient Mediterranean visual culture over the longue durée; macro-historical study of critical/cultural theory  


    253 Herring Hall

    Hilary_Mackie_smallHilary S. Mackie
    Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies

    Interest: Archaic Greek poetry and myth; epic, oral tradition, folklore, and performance

    mail icon mackie@rice.edu
    233 Rayzor Hall


     Susan_McIntoshSusan McIntosh 
    AMC Director and Faculty Advisor
    Professor, Department of Anthropology  

    Interest: Prehistoric Africa; osteology and genetics; archaeological theory

    mail icon skmci@rice.edu
    576 Sewall Hall

     Scott McGill

     Professor and Department Chair,Department of Classical Studies

     Interest: Greek and Latin literature; late Latin and early Christian poetry

     mail iconsmcgill@rice.edu
    232 Rayzor Hall


    Donald Morrison, Ph.D., Princeton University, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Department of Classical Studies 

    Interest: Ancient philosophy and political theory

    mail icon  donaldm@rice.edu
    204 Humanities Building

    Sarah Rous
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Art History

    Interest: Ancient geography and cartography; memory studies; spolia  studies; Roman pottery; the history of archaeological scholarship; Greek and Latin pedagogy; reception, especially in Revolutionary-era America.
    112 Herring Hall



    Paula_Sanders_smPaula Sanders
    Professor, Department of History  

    Interest: Islamic history; women and gender in Islamic societies

    mail icon sanders@rice.edu
    311 Humanities Building 713.348.2598

    Ted Somerville

    Ted Somerville
    Lecturer, Department of Classical Studies  

    Interests: Include Greek and Roman poetry, historical
    linguistics, genre, allusion, poetics, and metrics.

    231 Rayzor Hall

    HarveyYunis_smallHarvey Yunis
    Professor, Department of Classical Studies  

    Interest: Greek literature and thought; political and rhetorical history

    mail icon yunis@rice.edu
    229 Rayzor Hall