The Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations at Rice University offers you a challenging, interdisciplinary major that explores the worlds of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Jews, as well as the civilizations of the Christians and Muslims in their formative periods. You will immerse yourself in more than two millennia of some of the world's most influential cultures, studying their histories, arts, religions, philosophies, economies, literatures, languages, and political systems, and evaluating their contributions to the modern world. With AMC's highly integrated curriculum, you'll acquire a broad perspective on the beginnings of the society in which we live today.

You'll discover that antiquity is much closer than you think!

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Student Spotlight

Lorraine Singleton (Jones College Class of 2021), a triple major in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Classical Studies and Political Science, describes her AMC program experience and underwater archaeological field work in Italy.


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